A little about our Polyurethanes

The types of polyurethane that we produce are TDI terminated, polyester and polyether Polyurethanes.
Each have there own unique advantages and disadvantages. Check out the What Urethane - Where on
the "Urethane Info" page for a breakdown of the different properties.


The hardness of polyurethane is measured with a device called a durometer, which is calibrated
to be ether "Shore A" or "Shore D" scale. Shore A being the softer of the two.
Below is a chart comparing Urethane to other familiar materials.

MD Polyurethane is available in different Durometers from 30A To 70D.

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And although polyurethane can be colored to virtually any color, We have found that 7 basic colors can
fit most applications. Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, are our standard colors,
but custom colors can also be done. So dont hesitate to ask. But be advised, due to UV and
oxidation of the curitive, some colors may slightly darken with time.

Bonding to Substrates

Polyurethane can be bonded to other base materials, ferrous and non ferrous metals and some plastics.
The surface is prepped by cleaning, grit blasting and applying a specially designed bonding material.
This bonding material will chemically bond to the urethane and mechanically bond to the grit blasted
base material. This method produces a bond of such strength that typically, the polyurethane will fail
before the bond will.

A little about us

From its conception, MD Poly was setup and designed to be a small to medium run facility. From prototypes
of 1-2 pcs, to production runs of 1000 pcs. From a few grams/part to 10 lbs/part. We are here to provide
a service that some of the 'BIG' guys simply don't want to be bothered with. We offer in house machine shop
work on simple molds and tooling, saving the customer on machine shop work, but at the same time we have a
working relationship with 'state of the art' machine shops for more complicated molds.

Saving your company money in these economic times is not easy. But MD POLY is committed to holding prices
down by innovation, low overhead and just plain hard work. With 33 years of experience in the polyurethane
industry, the owner/operator knows how to anticipate problems before they arise. Which in turn leads to better
on time service, higher quality parts, and happier customers. And being family owned, with the next generation
involved in the trade, insures that MD Custom Polyurethane LLC will be around for years to come.

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