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Welcome to MD Custom Polyurethane online.

Our goal here at MD Poly is to provide the customer with high quality custom made parts at below industry
standard pricing. We use the best quality raw materials and because we are a family owned business, with
low overhead, we can afford to keep pricing down. Giving the customer the best quality parts and workmanship
with lower cost to them.

How polyurethane can save your company money.

While the initial cost of a Polyurethane part may be a little more than a rubber or UHMW part, its superior
properties in abrasion, compression, cut/tear resistance, flexibility, allows it to outlast other materials up to
5 times longer. Saving your company the cost for down time and the amount of spare parts for that application
that you need to keep in stock. Polyurethane also possesses sound deadening, water and chemical resistance
properties that may be beneficial to your companies needs.

BUT, not all polyurethanes are created equal, because of their differences in properties, some are better at certain
applications than others. Thats why we ask questions about your application, to provide you with the right type of
polyurethane for the job. Providing you with a part that will last as long as possible. Getting your moneys worth.

Possible applications, but not limited to.

Leak Test Seals * Rollers * Wheels * Sprockets * Slinger blades * Wear pads * Gaskets * Seals * Punch strippers
Bushings * Bumpers * Robot Grippers * Padding protection for your product racks *
Cushions for Vibration and Sound dampening * And many more unknown applications

General Shapes
Sheets * Tubes * Bars
Rods * Blocks * Rounds

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