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The picture below is of insoles for horse sneakers. Yes, sneakers
for horses. For horses that want to be sneaky :-). Actually for
horses with leg or hoof diseases, or horses on pavement a lot.

The customer sent us the green insole from a sneaker she had.
It was 50A urethane. She had two problems with these insoles.
The horse hooves were tearing them to shreds in just a few weeks,
and they were a bit too hard for her horses with a hoof disease.
To keep cost down, urethane molds were made.(picture on right)
And a softer version (the orange one) was made of 30A Premium
grade material.
The 30A Premium material, lasted as well as the 50A Medium
grade,the horses did better on them, but it still wasn't
holding up to wear any better.

So a technique called dual durometer bonding was used to try to
solve this problem, An 1/8" layer of 70A material
was added to the top of the 30A material. The result was
an insole that held up for a year. Abrasion resistance from the
harder 70A top layer, with the cushioning power of the 30A
material. (bottom picture)


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