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A local machine shop came to us with a problem on some vacuum seals
they were having made for a testing machine that they manufacture.
The problem was air bubbles in the sealing edge of their seals, allowing
a vacuum leak when testing and causing a false reading.
They wanted to know if we could cast these seals and not trap air bubbles
in their sealing edge, as the previous supplier. The problem was tougher
to solve than first anticipated, as viscous urethane does not want to flow
into a sharp pointed area such as this, and allow any trapped air to escape.

With years of experience in "getting the air out", we were able to
develop non typical casting techniques and make minor mold modifications
to solve the problem, making virtually every part come out good.
This in turn saves the customer lead time on their parts and saving us
a lot of time to go on to other customers projects.

Here is the medium size part with our new casting/molding techniques.
Air bubble free on the sharp sealing edge. 60A polyester material was
chosen for this application.


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